The Collective Learning and Intelligence Group (CoLIG) is an interdisciplinary research group at the University of Minnesota. CoLIG members hold various research interests. We design innovative technology-enhanced learning environments, develop analytics applications, and conduct empirical research in various educational settings.

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K-12 Educators

Graduate Students

  • Valerie Barbaro

    PhD student in LT

  • William Batu

    M.S. student in CS

  • Ethan Brown

    PhD candidate in EdPsy

  • Yu-Hui Chang

    PhD candidate in LT

  • Wenjing Chen

    MEd student in LT

  • Hong Shui

    PhD student in LT

  • Ramya Sivaraj

    PhD student in STEM Education



  • Huang-Yao Hong National Chengchi U
  • Kris Lund U of Lyon
  • Yoshiaki Matsuzawa Aoyama Gakuin U
  • Qiong Wang Peking University
  • Alyssa Wise New York University
  • Ninger Zhou Postdoc at UC-Irvine
  • Stian Haklev Postdoc at EPFL, Lausanne
  • Michelle Driessen University of Minnesota

Former Members

  • Dipesh Reen MS graduate in CS
  • Jonathan Shoberg Computer Science
  • Fan Ouyang Learning Technologies
  • Xing Liu Master's graduate in Financial Math
  • Wanying Zhou Undergraduate in Psychology
  • Tianhui Huang Visiting scholar from Fudan U
  • Yizhou Fan Visiting scholar from Peking U


Our work is supported by the National Science Foundation, the Digital Learning for Development Network, and the University of Minnesota.